BBQ Meat Cooking Temperatures

To kill most illness causing microorganisms, meat must reach a temperature which varies by meat type (see tables below). Use of an accurate meat thermometer to assure safety and to achieve desired doneness.

Food Safe Temperature
Ground Meat & Meat Mixtures
Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160°F
Turkey, Chicken 165°F

Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb 145°F

Chicken & Turkey, whole 180°F
Poultry breasts, roast 170°F
Poultry thighs, wings 180°F
Duck & Goose 180°F
Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird) 165°F

Fresh Pork 160°F


Fresh (raw) 160°F
Pre-cooked (to reheat) 140°F

How Well Done Temperature
Beef & Lamb
Very well done 180°F
Well done 170°F
Medium (Recommended) 160°F
Medium-Rare 145°F
Rare (Not recommended) 140°F
Very Rare (Not recommended) 130°F

Ground Beef (safest range)

Pork & Veal
Well 170°F
Medium 160°F
No lower is recommended

Poultry 170-180°F

Cured & Precooked Meat 155-165°F

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