Pork Side - Back Rib Recipe

* St. Louis Cut Side Ribs or Baby Back Ribs
* BBQ Dry Rub
* Yellow Prepared Mustard
* Granulated Garlic
* Basting Liquid (Spray Bottle)
* BBQ Sauce (Optional)

1. Trim fat and remove membrane from inside of rib.
2. Lather with high quality yellow mustard before applying rub. (Optional)
3. Sprinkle lightly with granulated garlic. (Optional)
4. Apply medium coating of Rub. Cover convex (inner) side first.
5. Cover in plastic wrap and let sit in refrigerator 2 - 24 hours. The Longer, the Better!
6. Remove marinated meat from refrigerator 1/2 hour before cooking. Bring close to room temp.
7. Before placing in smoker add layer of black cracked pepper (Optional).

8. Smoke 3-6 hours @ 215-240F or until the ribs reach internal temperature of 170F
(Ideal Smoking Temperature 215F) (Avg. 1.5 Hours per Pound)
· If higher temp reduce cooking time 10 minutes per pound for every 5F
· Woods: Apple, White Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Walnut, Cherry, Peach

9. After 2 hours of smoking begin basting every 1 hour with pure apple juice/ cider/ and/or mop mixture.
10. Option – ½ hour before being ready wrap in tin foil and return to smoker for 30-45 minutes.
11. Option – ½ -1 hour before being ready paint ribs with BBQ sauce.
12. When ready (170F), remove from smoker, wrap in tinfoil and let rest for 10-30 min.

· Use Apple, Oak and or Cherry hardwood, water smoker.
· Bring smoker temperature up to an anverage 220F (100C).
· Cook for 3-6 hours or until internal temperature of ribs is 170F.
· Remove from smoker and let rest for 5-30 minutes wrapped in tin foil

Cooked Rib Options:
· Once cooled to room temperature wrap cooked ribs in tinfoil and store in fridge overnight.
· Remove cooked ribs from fridge next day and bring up to temperature in steamer (165F).
· Finish off ribs before serving on grill with a mop of BBQ sauce.

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