Texas Beef Ribs Recipe

Beef spare ribs are taken from the belly side of the cattle's rib cage above the sternum (breast bone). Beef spare ribs tend to be longer, wider, and sometimes more curved than their pork counterparts, and are cut from the prime rib rump, of which the thicker boneless part becomes the ribeye steak, and the upper tips of the ribs are then cut off and become short ribs.

· Beef Ribs - Trimmed
· Beef Brisket Dry Rub
· Beef Brisket Baste or Spray
· Beef Brisket BBQ Sauce

1. Lather with high quality yellow mustard before applying rub. (Optional)
2. Apply Rub liberally.
3. Cover in plastic wrap and let sit in refrigerator 4 - 24 hours. The Longer, the Better!
4. Remove marinated meat from refrigerator 1/2 hour before cooking. Bring close to room temp.
5. Before placing in smoker add layer of black cracked pepper and garlic granules. (Optional)

6. Smoke 3-4 hours @ 200-250F reach internal temperature of 160F-170F
(Ideal Smoking Temperature 215F) (Avg. 1.5 Hours per Pound)
· If higher temp reduce cooking time 10 minutes per pound for every 5F
· Woods: Apple, White Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Walnut, Cherry, Peach

7. While smoking baste every 1-2 hours with pure apple juice/ cider/ or Mop mixture.
8. When ready, remove from smoker, wrap in tinfoil and let rest for 45min-1hour.

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