Restaurants - The Best Barbecue Joints from around the World

The Best Barbecue restaurants from around the World, including those that ship real barbecue anywhere. If you're in town these are the places you need to eat at.

href="" target="_blank" zt="-o1/XJ/Ya">Armadillo Willy's Real Texas BarbecueArmadillo Willy's Real Texas Barbecue big on Texas-style barbecue and Texas-style portions. You can get a variety of ribs, slow smoked brisket, smoked turkey, and loaded burgers. They also offer traditional barbecue sides and a spicy peanut slaw. Armadillo Willy's is located in California.
Arthur Bryant's Barbecue RestaurantYou won't be hard up to find Barbecue in Kansas City, MO., but if you're looking here's one to try.

Authentic Texas BBQ
Colters BBQ with locations across Texas. And they do mail order take out so you can get it almost anywhere.

Baker's Ribs
Baker's Ribs offers a variety of traditional barbecue dishes. They are located in Minnesota and Texas.

Bandana's Bar-B-Q

Who can resist a huge platter of mouth watering meat? Bandana's Bar-B-Q is famous for their combo platters and feast platters. They are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ben's Longbranch BBQ

This restaurant offers sandwiches, salads, and smoked meats, even mutton. Ben's Longbranch BBQ is located in Texas.

Big City BBQ

Big City BBQ serves traditional style smoked meats aswell as smoked ham, burgers, steaks, and grilled fish. They also have a wide variety of side dishes such as black eyed peas, creamy cole slaw, and candied yams. Big City BBQ is located in Arizona.

Big Jim's Old South Barb-B-Q

Big Jim's Old South Barb-B-Q offers a wide array of beef and pork rib dishes. They also serve fish, fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches, and traditional sides. Big Jim's is locates in San Diego, California.

Black Eyed Sally's BBQ and Blues

Head on up to Hartford Connecticut for some Jambalaya or a rack of BBQ ribs.

Black's BBQ

Black's BBQ has been around since 1932. They serve up traditional barbecue and sides, as well as their homemade sausage. They are located in Lockhart, Texas.

Brickyard BBQ

Brickyard BBQ offers ribs, chicken, brisket, pork, and hot links. They also serve burnt ends served in their signature sauce. Brickyard BBQ is located in Denver, Colorado.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ

Their slogan says it all, "Put the South in yo' Mouth!" Brother Jimmy's BBQ is located in New York.

Bubbalous Bodacious Bar-B-Que

Bubbalous offers a wide variety of barbeque dine in options including, pulled pork, BBQ beef, chicken wings, and baby back ribs. They are located in Orlando, Florida.

Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue

This restaurant offers a wide variety of smoked meats and side dishes, including their cinnamon bourbon apples and jalapeƱo corn fries. Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue is located in Richmond, Virginia.

Campbell's Bar-B-Q

If you like large portions of slow cooked, mouth watering barbecue like brisket, pork, and ribs, then Campbell's Bar-B-Q is the right place for you. They also serve fresh baked pies and bread. Comfort food at it's best! Campbell's Bar-B-Q is located in Portland, Oregon.

Centerstage BBQ Restaurant Guide

Do you live in Chicago? Are you traveling to Chicago? Then you'll need a place to get some good BBQ. Look up some restaurants here.

Clay's Smokehouse Grill

Clay's Smokehouse Grill serves ribs, brisket, catfish, sandwiches, and salads. There is something for everyone at this place. Clay's Smokehouse Grill is located in Portland, Oregon.

Corky's B-B-Q

If our down in Memphis, drop in at Corky's. If you're not, place an order via their web site and get it FedExed to you.

Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt

If you're looking for a different meal every night, Daddy D'z offers a variety of specials Monday-Friday. You can find anything from rib sandwiches, pork chops, to candied yams. Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt is located in Georgia.

Daisy May's BBQ USA

The next you are in New York City, stop by Daisy May's BBQ USA. They offer a heaping helping of every style of barbecue there is. They also have a big gig menu for those of you who are throwing a big party.

Dreamland Bar-B-Q

With three locations in Alabama to choose from and the promise of delivery anywhere in the U.S. Dreamland is more than accessible.

Eat at Joe's Barbecue

Located halfway between Phoenix and Las Vegas in Wikieup, Arizona. Joe Heslin and his wife Rose serve up honest slow mesquite smoked barbecue.

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

Find the location nearest you for the fastest growing BBQ chain in the country.

Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ has two locations in South Carolina serving traditional Carolina BBQ and other favorites including barbecue tacos.

Hole in the Wall BBQ

Hole in the wall serves up traditional style barbecued meats, sandwiches, chili, and St. Louis style pork ribs. The are located in Eugene, Oregon.

Joe Morley's Smoked Beef & Bar-B-Q

Joe Morley's Smoked Beef & Bar-B-Q is located in Midvale, Utah. Meats are slow smoked with fruit woods giving them a tender and sweet flavor. Joe Morley's serves traditional dishes such as brisket, chicken, ribs, and pork. Sides such as onion chips, baked beans as well as their famous mud pie are sure to please.

Kansas City Barbecue

A listing of Kansas City Barbecue joints and other resources.

KT's Real Good BBQ

KT's Real Good BBQ offers a variety of delicious smoked meats along with their signature Memphis and Texas style sauces. KT's is located in Colorado.

Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Lucille's severs up tasty southern style barbecue ribs, catfish, burgers, and salads. They have among their desserts, traditional favorites like bread pudding and peach cobbler. Sounds delicious to me! Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que is located in California.

Memphis Minnie's Barbecue Joint

Memphis Minnie's brings the south to San Francisco, California with it's traditional smoked items such as brisket, pork, sausage and all your barbecue favorites right on Haight Street.

Moe's Original Bar B Que

With 9 locations in Alabama and Colorado, Moe's is bringing authentic Alabama Bar B Que to loads of people. They specialize in traditional barbecue and Southern Favorites

Oklahoma Joe's Barbeque

With locations in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Kansas City, Kansas this restaurant is operated by BBQ champions Jeff and Joy Stehneye. Check out the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich.

Old Glory BBQ

Old Glory BBQ serves up all the traditional barbecue favorites with a few additional items. They offer barbecue salads as well as a large baked potato topped with chopped brisket and cheese. They also serve brunch on Sundays. This restaurant is located in Washington D.C.

Pok-e-Jo's Smokehouse

Pok-e-Jo's Smokehouse not only serve up a variety of barbecue favorite, they also cater for special occasions. They are located in Austin, Texas.


Q4U is located in West Valley City, Utah. If you are a fan of piled high pulled pork sandwiches or melt in your mouth brisket, this is the place for you. Q4U also has award winning ribs and traditional favorites like hot links and catfish.

Red Hot & Blue

Red Hot & Blue offers a variety of barbecue dishes. You have your choice of sweet, dry rubbed, or wet ribs, Memphis-style sandwiches, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, and other scrumptuous dishes.

Red River Barbeque and Grill

Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Try the Brisket Enchilada, or pick up a couple dozen Wings to go.

Rendezvous Ribs

Down an alley, down the stairs on the west side of Memphis, Tennessee, this BBQ restaurant is renowned for their famous ribs. David Gaw says they have the best ribs in the world.

Robin's Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill

Robin's Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill serves up traditional barbecue, accompanied by their specialty sauces. They are located in Pasadena. California.

Ruby's BBQ

Ruby's BBQ serves Cajun and St. Louis style ribs, hot links, brisket, smoked chicken, and other delicious items. They are located in Texas.

Smokin' Joe's True-Blue Texas Barbecue

Do you have to go to Texas to get real Texas BBQ? Not according to these New Yorkers.

Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Que

A large chain of Barbecue joints scattered all around the southern United States.

Stamey's Barbecue

Traditional North Carolina Barbecue with two locations in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Sugar House Barbecue Company

Voted the best Barbecue in Salt Lake City, UT. Drop in if you get a chance for what they call Memphis Style Barbecue. I call the Brisket Sandwich fantastic.

Texas West Bar-b-que

Texas West Bar-b-que serves up a heaping helping of traditional barbecue and the "po boy" sandwich with chopped beef, chicken, or pork. They are located in Sacramento, California.

The Brick Pit

One of the five best BBQ restaurants in the south. If you're in Mobile Alabama then you had better drop in for pork shoulder smoked for 30 hours.

The County Line

The County Line has tasty barbecue and they also air ship ribs! They are located in Texas.

Wes' Rib House

This restaurant serves up Missouri-style barbecue. They have delicious items on their menu such as, the smoked pig platter, Cajun kabobs, the lamb platter, and St. Louis style baby back ribs. Wes' Rib House is located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Wolfe's Barbeque

Wolfe's Barbeque serves traditional smoked meats, sides, pies. They also offer BBQ tofu for those of you who are vegetarian. Wolfe's Barbeque is located in Denver, Colorado.